Four Layer Foam Tanks

Super Strong and Cool

PuraPlast was one of the first manufacturers in Odisha to introduce four layer tanks with foam insulation for it's customers. Now the market leader in Foam Tanks in Odisha, our four layer tanks offer excellent thermal insulation from the extreme heat of India.

The water in our Foam tanks remain about 13 degrees cooler than conventional black tanks available in the market. This happens because of a thick PE foam insulation material embedded between the layers of the the tank. The foam has tiny air bubbles trapped between itself which deters the passage of heat from the outer layer to the innermost layer. Hence the water stored inside the tanks remain cool even in the extremely hot summer months.

Salient Features

  • Outer Layer is made from coloured material and available in Super White colour with a granite like finishing. Other colours as per customer's preference can also be arranged.
  • Second Layer is black in colour to cut off sunlight from reaching the water to prevent growth of algae.
  • Third Layer is a thick foam insulation layer made of PE foam which traps air bubbles and hence provides insulation from outside heat.
  • Inner most Layer is sky blue colour for clear view and made from Virgin Food Grade Plastic Material.
  • 15 Years Replacement Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

  • Shades Available